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Waxing Canton MI & Brazilian Wax Canton MI 


Full Body Waxing  

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal method that’s considered one of the most popular forms of beauty treatment and is one of BLVD’s highly perfected hair removal methods. Clean look? That’s right! The BLVD Med Spa’s waxing Canton MI leaves you with soft and smooth, hairless skin. Our team uses the highest-quality techniques to help you regain self-confidence and poise through a quick and easy process!  



Our waxing Canton MI can be done on any area of the body – the abdomen, arms, back, the face, above and below the lips, the eyebrows, chin, the Brazilian Wax Canton MI – you name it! Usually, the hair that grows back after waxing is softer and finer. If you’re looking to minimize pain and achieve faster results, the BLVD Med Spa offers plenty of waxing Canton MI options at very affordable prices. 



The BLVD Med Spa’s waxing Canton MI is a minimally painful process when compared to some other hair removal methods but it isn’t without any discomfort. The process involves the application of warm wax to the hair follicles and then pulling them out by hand or using an electrical device called a “waxer.” After your hair has been removed there is only minimal discomfort left behind and you should feel little to no irritation from waxing. The BLVD Med Spa’s massage therapists utilize the most advanced waxing Canton MI techniques that allow them to remove hair as close to the root as possible in order to avoid breakage and without same-spot repetition, to eliminate the risk of irritation or bruising. 


The BLVD Med Spa offers face wax, arms, legs, chest, back, bikini, and plenty of other waxing services. Our Brazilian Wax Canton MI is among the most popular. Basic bikini line waxes usually remove hair from the groin area, between the pubic bone and belly button, and on the sides of the bikini (or underwear) line—anywhere hair would protrude from a swimsuit bottom. Bikini complete waxes remove hair from the front of the pubic bone in addition to the bikini line. You have the option of leaving a square, triangle, or strip of hair behind. The Brazilian Wax Canton MI goes a step further by providing total pubic hair removal, which includes the area in front of the pubic bone, the perineum, and the anus. If you’re in for that full wax, Brazilian Wax Canton MI is your go-to! 


After care 

  • Soothe your skin after your wax 

We take part in this as soon as the waxing is done. Ingredients like chia, coconut, aloe, shea butter, and peppermint not only feel wonderful on freshly waxed skin, but are incredibly calming and soothing. Certain oils have antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that can relieve irritation and redness resulting from hair removal. The BLVD Med Spa has quality skin-soothers for post-care on its waxing and Brazilian Wax Canton MI services. 


  • Use a chemical exfoliant 

Chemical exfoliants remove dead skin cells with the use of chemicals, which you probably deduced from the name! Think AHAs, BHAs, peels…all chemical. The AHAs dissolve the glue that holds dead skin cells together- increasing cellular turnover. The BHAs work deeper in the skin and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Calm and exfoliate that skin for the best results! 


  • Use a physical exfoliant 

This applies to all scrub-type products. You get the picture. Sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, coffee scrubs, dry brushes, scrubby gloves. Anything that can be used to manually remove dry, dead skin is successful. Try to stay away from scrubs with larger granules, such as ground-up nut shells or crushed fruit pits. They have a tendency to be a little aggressive and can also result in minor skin tears. Need recommendations following your waxing Canton MI or Brazilian Wax Canton MI appointment? Just ask! 


  • Drop the razor 

Frequent shaving might cause the hair to regrow faster, thicker, coarser, and fuller, producing more hair from each pore! 



Time & sessions 

Waxing is a painless process that can take as little as ten minutes to complete, depending on the targeted areas. We recommend that you allow at least four weeks between each treatment to allow your skin to heal properly before sitting for another session because each time you go for waxing, there is less hair and more sensitive skin. Our waxing Canton MI and Brazilian Wax Canton MI can help you look clean and feel smooth for three to six weeks, while also reducing the chances that ingrown hairs or irritation will occur. 



If you want to get rid of facial hair and/or prevent in-grown hairs from growing, waxing is a great method. The irritation usually only lasts a few minutes and the results are long-lasting.  Your skin will look silky smooth after just one time. If you’re looking for smooth and hairless skin, book a waxing Canton MI or Brazilian Wax Canton MI appointment at none other than the BLVD Med Spa in Canton, MI.